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Nathan Ernst

Nathan Ernst

Lead Editor

Nathan Ernst is a quite impressive and attractive personality in the whole staff of our News Portal. His way of interaction helps in gathering the attention of the surrounding people, and the same response appears through his written content too. His business-related concepts are on fingertips, which aids in illustrating the business-related articles in brief and precise way, understandable to even a non-professional. He has over seven years of experience in finance and trade management from a reputed manufacturing firm.

Email Id:- nathan.e@marketnewswire24.us

Phone No:- +1 909-937-4067

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith is currently holding the position of content editor, dedicated for editing the articles associated with Health domain. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from a well-known university and completed a diploma course in nutrition and dietetics. She is extremely conscious about her diet and health. Apart from editing, she also manages to write motivational medical blogs to make readers aware of their health.

Email Id:- rebecca.s@marketnewswire24.us

Phone No:- +1 909-731-8034

Michael Albrecht

Michael Albrecht


Passion and creative mind directed Michael Albrecht to become a successful content writer. He has an art of writing articles and news in a precise and interactive way. After acquiring the degree of B. Tech in Computer Science from a reputed University, he began his career in the content writing field. He is a gadget freak person and has a better understanding of technical terminologies, which pushes him to become proficient in writing technical news. During spare time, he loves to write review-based blogs on the recently launched technological devices and applications.

Email Id:- michael.a@marketnewswire24.us

Phone No:- +1 909-268-1672

Teri Bowman

Teri Bowman

Contributing Author

Teri Bowman has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomical Science with excellent grades. Due to her interest in studying progressively about space, planets, and stars along with the stronghold on science-related terminologies, she has been offered this dream job of a columnist in science domain. Teri has an experience of 2 Years. She loves to spend spare time in nature and playing with pets.

Email Id:- teri.b@marketnewswire24.us

Phone No:- +1 909-628-1038

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Rebecca Smith:-  rebecca.s@marketnewswire24.us | +1 909-731-8034

Michael Albrecht:-  michael.a@marketnewswire24.us | +1 909-268-1672

Teri Bowman:- teri.b@marketnewswire24.us +1 909-628-1038

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