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Individuals With Extra Finger On Hands Have Enhanced Motor Skills

Some people in world have more number of fingers in hands and more toes on feet than normal and this condition is termed as polydactyly. Though some doctors consider it as malformation but the question is—is polydactyly beneficial for individuals?

According to estimations, at least one baby in every 700 to 1000 babies born has polydactyly. As polydactyly is extremely unusual, some people consider it to be an anomaly or malformation. The doctors can surgically remove this extra toe or finger at the time of birth because they do not think these digits to be useful. They do this because they are concerned regarding self image of child later in life.

Though it may be otherworldly aesthetic, the thing that stands out is that polydactyly can bring few practical benefits to individuals.

This thing is concluded by a study done at University of Freiburg, Germany. The research published in a magazine puts forward a consideration that people having polydactyly have extra dexterity for movement in comparison to their counterparts having fewer digits.

This was a small study that involved two volunteers having fully developed six fingers on both the hands. One volunteer was an old woman of 52 years and the other volunteer was a 17 year old boy.

The researcher Carsten Mehring said that they wanted to collect information regarding whether the subjects have enhanced motor skills as compared to the people having five fingers. They also wanted to know the ability of brain to control the extra fingers.

Those two volunteers were asked by researchers for engaging themselves in different tasks while they were recording the activity of their brain using functional MRI. This activity revealed that the extra fingers work independently and are moved by their muscles. Prof. Mehring said that the subjects were able to use the extra digit independently like a thumb or together with other fingers which makes manipulation skillful and versatile.

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