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Repurposing Blood Disorder Drug Can Help Tackle Fluconazole-Resilient Candida

Every year in USA, about 23,000 people in 2 million, die due to a drug-resistant infection. Researchers have noticed that the resistance is so powerful that it can lead back to an era where people died due to minor infections. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has tagged this infection as a serious threat to humans.

The infection is caused by the fungus Candida albicans which can cause many serious issues like denture-related stomatitis and oral thrush being major among them. Mira Edgerton, a research professor at The University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, New York, said that this fungus ranks at fourth position when it comes to bloodstream infections. Edgerton is also a co-lead author of a new study which provides details about any innovative way to preventing Candida infections.

She also said that here are only 3 major categories of antifungal drugs and no new type of antifungal drug has been detected in years.

She tells that Candida being the most widespread fungus in oral microbiome, depends on the saliva for surviving. It needs iron, which is also the second most prevailing metal in saliva, to renew its DNA and produce energy.

The professor with her team gave deferasirox to kick out candida. Deferasirox is a drug used to treat blood disorders. An experiment was done on mice where they were given the drug which lowers the iron level in the saliva. The C. albicans were deprived of their essential nutrient and thus their survival rate dropped from 25% to 12%.

According to Sumant Puri, another co-lead author of the study, this is the first study that states lack of iron can decreases the rate of survival of C. albicans. He also ensured that deferasirox can be used as a preventive treatment as it did not cause deficiency of iron in the mouse model.

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