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Overall Mortality Rates For Cancer Reduce, Says New Report

The mortality rates are declining, says the latest annual report on the status of Cancer. The report has appeared in the National Cancer Institute journal. The study was a joint effort of the (ACS) American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the (NAACCR) North American Association of Central Cancer Registries and the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The deaths by cancer in men, women and children declined in 1999–2016, says the report. While researchers examined the information from the year 2011–2015, looked at cancer sites, and went through data of all age group, the incidence rate in men was 1.2 times higher than women. The death rate of men was 1.4 times higher than in women in 2012–2016. But the report threw light on demographics where these numbers weren’t promising. In the age group of 20-49, there were few differences like when it came to rates in women and men, the rates were not reflecting then cancer rates in entirety.

When scientists looked at only this age, women have higher rate of incidence for invasive cancers—115.3 men per 100,000 individuals and 203.3 women per 100,000 individuals.

In 2012–2016, women had higher death rate due to cancer – 27.1 women per 100,000 individuals and 22.8 men per 100,000 individuals.

In the age group of 20–49, breast cancer was common in women, and then came thyroid cancer and then melanoma. Colorectal cancer was common in men, followed by testis cancer and melanoma.

As per ACS, women and men in the US have 1 out of 3 chance of getting invasive cancer. When it comes to men, the prostate cancer is most common, while when it comes to women, most common is breast cancer. The study also notes that the risk of getting cancer rises with age, with 9 in 10 cancers affect those who are aged 50 years and above. Genetics also play an important role; 5-10% cancers are associated to genes.

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