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New Compound Enhances Effectiveness Of Chemo In Cancer Treatment

Scientists might have found something to stop the cancer cells from becoming resistant to chemotherapy. In a new study, blocking a pathway of DNA repair prevented them from surviving against treatment. The professor of the American Cancer Society, Graham Walker, is the senior author of this study. In his earlier research, Walker examined a process of DNA repair that cancer cells depend on for avoiding chemotherapy’s damage. The process is called TLS (translesion synthesis).

Researchers explain that healthy cells normally repair our DNA by correctly removing the damage in DNA. However, when these cells turn cancerous, they no longer depend on the normal system of repair. Instead, they begin using TLS that is not very accurate.

TLS uses the specialized TLS – DNA polymerases. These Polymerases are nothing but enzymes which make DNA copies. The DNA polymerases copy the DNA correctly, but the TLS DNA polymerases don’t copy the damaged DNA accurately.

This imperfect process of DNA replication process leads to alterations which make the cancer cells become resistant to treatments that damage DNA. An associate professor at MIT said that as these TLS DNA polymerases are prone to error, these are accountable for all the alterations that are induced by drugs such as cisplatin, says the co-senior author of study Michael Hemann.

Cisplatin is a drug of chemotherapy that are prescribed for treating various forms of cancer, like head, bladder, lung, neck, testicular and ovarian cancers. Cisplatin works when it interferes with the repair of DNA, causing the damage of DNA, and eventually causing the death of cancer cell.

Deleting only one gene could completely prevent the pancreatic cancer.

But, cancer cells are most of the times resistant to cisplatin. The drug has many side effects like allergic reactions, kidney problems, decreased immunity, hearing loss, hemorrhage and gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore in the new study researchers are set to enhance the drug’s power. Hemann said that it is well-known that these chemotherapies that are used normally, if they are not curing you, then they are making you worse.

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