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YouTube Will Ban Some Conspiracy And Hate Speech Videos

YouTube has upgraded its hate speech guidelines to prohibit more kinds of clips from its service. They clearly comprise those glorifying or promoting Nazi philosophy or deny that specific events comprising the Sandy Hook shooting or the Holocaust took place. Consequently, YouTube will eliminate a number of videos and channels below the renovated rules.

“Now, we are taking one more step in our hate speech guideline by specifically banning videos blaming that a group is better in order to justify segregation, discrimination, or exclusion on the basis of qualities such as gender, age, caste, race, sexual orientation, religion, or veteran status,” it claimed in a blog post. It also bans clips that market hatred or violence against groups or people based on nationality, disability, or immigration status as well as “victims of a primary violent occasion and their family.”

YouTube did not offer any instances of the videos or channels that might be banned. The policy upgrade arrives as YouTube is involved in yet one more controversy about the occurrence of hate speech on its service. It declined to pull clips posted by a right-wing commentator blamed of assaulting a reporter with racist and homophobic comment.

On a related note, after a substantial amount of public disgracing, YouTube declared this week that it will no longer let Steven Crowder (controversial conservative commentator) to make profit from videos on his channel. The move follows after the firm refused to pull a sequence of videos posted by the YouTuber in which he employed bigoted and homophobic language to refer Carlos Maza (Vox writer).

“Upgrade on our sustained review—we have banned monetization of this channel,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. “We came to this decision since a pattern of egregious measures has injured the wider community and is against our policies.”

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