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Walmart To Recruit Students With Free College Tuition And SAT Prep

Walmart is grappling to discover talent in a tight jobs industry. So the vendor is getting to high school students with a new idea: Work for Walmart and we will cover your college tuition and SAT prep. Walmart declared this week that it will extend its $1 daily college advantage to its future high schoolers and present high school students who work at the firm.

It will also provide almost 7 Hours of college credit free of cost to high school students and offer free ACT and SAT prep via an associate network. Next, Walmart will subsidize the price of students’ books, tuition, and fees at 6 non-profit colleges, comprising the University of Florida.

Students who go via the initiative while they work at the firm will be entitled for different kinds of associate and bachelor’s degrees, such as business management, computer technology, and supply chain management.

Unemployment in the US has dropped to its lowest level in years, causing a challenge for Walmart and other leading vendors. As the job openings rate for retail sector remains above the national standard, Walmart has increased its minimum salary, extended the benefits, and began to pay bonuses to employees who restrict their absences.

Yet, Walmart is seeking for new methods to entice new talent. The retailer is the biggest private employer in the US. It has over 1.5 Million employees in this nation, but not more than 25,000 of them are in high school now. That is below the retail sector average, entry-level as per Walmart.

On a related note, Walmart earlier launched its answer to one-day shipping by Amazon for Prime users. The retail behemoth’s NextDay delivery service earlier launched out in Las Vegas and Phoenix last month, and will be accessible for online users in Southern California over the coming months.

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