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US Regulator To Offer Relief To Americans From Nuisance Phone Calls

At last, there are some words of relief for the Americans, frustrated by innumerable numbers of intimidating robocalls to their landlines as well as mobile phones. The Federal Communications Commission (FC) has rolled out with new rules that will enable the carriers to stop the automated calls with more ease.

The companies will be using algorithms as well as network scanning, for blocking those calls, using the same procedure that is used for scanning emails. However, it will not stop the calls altogether but will give customers the liberty to opt out. However, the regulator iterated that it will surely make a difference to the 5 million automated calls that consumers receive every month.

Ajit Pai, the Chairman of FCC said that only one thing in America binds the Republicans and the Democrats, conservatives and the liberals, libertarians and socialists, carnivores and the vegetarians, fans of Ohio State and Michigan together. All of them are tired and sick over the overwhelming number of those unwanted automated calls that they are constantly bombarded with.

Some carriers of telephone connections have come up with various blocking functions. These offers come in the form of opt-in basis, and the FCC will allow companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the likes to offer the respective customers an option of blocking calls from any numbers, which are not included in their contact list or which are not included in their approved list of numbers.

This new rule will help to free the network capacities and reduce down the number of cases, where people are being scammed and harassed by criminals.

The prominent names in the telecom sector hailed the new move by the FCC. Verizon declared that the announcement will help it to provide their customers the advantages of spam alerts, and at the same time, help to create alerts against spams.

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