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Jeff Bezos Unfazed As Protestor Interrupts ‘Fireside Chat’ Interview

Jeff Bezos had a brief interruption to his ‘fireside chat’ interview by Jenny Freshwater, Amazon’s Director of Forecasting. The interruption was caused by an animal rights activist by the name Priya Sawhney working with ‘Direct Action Everywhere’.

The security team seized her immediately; this happened at the Las Vegas held Amazon’s Re: MARS conference. But Jeff Bezos continued unfazed with Freshwater, picking up from where the conversation had stopped.

He began talking about his forecast for the future decade when he was asked to though he was quite against the idea of forecasting the future.

He felt that robots who could grasp anything from objects to humans would be the regular norm in the future. Besides, there would be great leaps in AI, machine learning and biotech in the coming ten years.

Bezos however, brought to everyone’s notice about the increased frequency of being asked about the changes that would occur in the future and stated that none focused on things that would never change in life. He talked about its importance and felt that thinking about the latter would help in better organization in life and give richer dividends in future.

He also talked about lunar exploration being the focus of Blue Origin, his space company which aimed to take astronauts back to the moon through a lunar lander being built by them. He visualized Earth as a planet meant for residing with a shift of all heavy industry away from Earth. A shift to space, he felt would help to save our existing planet.

When asked on the possibility of Amazon Fulfillment centers forming on the moon, he said that he had not given a thought to it. He felt that they would begin by transporting liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. This he said would be an extremely small selection; a very significant one though.

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