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Justice Department Getting Ready For Google Antitrust Probe

Last week, the media reported that the Department of Justice is getting ready an antitrust investigation against Google. The firm has encountered various analogous inquiries from EU executives with billions in penalties consequently, and in one instance it led Google to separate Search and Chrome from Android in the area.

There was also a primary 2011 probe from the FTC in the US—that ended in a negotiation where the firm pledged to alter its rules—but this might be the first time the DoJ takes the control. There are not many data about what might be probed, beyond other businesses and search. Late in 2018 Makan Delrahim (DoJ antitrust head) claimed that there requires being “credible proof” of anticompetitive means before his division launches corrective actions.

What’s specifically notable now, though is that it comes in middle of increasing calls from politicians such as Senator Elizabeth Warren to break up huge tech firms. We do not know if that can be on the table for behemoths such as Facebook and Google (which is still amid its own settlements with the FTC), but this is only the commencement. Both Google and the DoJ have not answered publicly on the matter.

On a related note, Ford revealed in a fiscal filing made with the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that it is presently below probe by the DoJ over its internal testing means. Ford claims that the investigation is still in its preliminary phases but insists that this will not be one more Volkswagen-akin “Dieselgate” scam. As per the car manufacturer, the problem stems from miscalculations made at the time of the testing procedure instead of an intentional effort to deceive watchdogs.

In February, Ford rolled out its own probe into emissions testing means at the prompting of workers who observed inconsistencies in outcomes.

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