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IKEA Is Operating On Robotic Furniture For Small Living Houses

IKEA needs to “empower users to have huge dreams for small houses.” To do so, it is making a series of robotic furniture. This week, the firm declared that it is joining hands with Ori, an American firm that designs robotic furniture meant to deal with the issues of small house living. Ori and IKEA will launch their new series, named ROGNAN, next year.

While the word “robotic furniture” may invoke up sci-fi pictures, it will probably seem more like furniture from IKEA on wheels. An image shows what seems to be a huge wardrobe with a bed on the one side and a couch on other. With a click of a button, the bed goes below the unit and unlocks floorspace. The complete unit slides backward and forward on tracks, and there is a retractable desk along with a lot of space. In IKEA’s dream, you can fit most of the essentials—a couch, bed, storage, and desk—in almost 10 Square Meters, or not more than 115 Square Feet.

As more individuals shift to urban regions—an expected 1.5 Million individuals every week—Ori and IKEA see this as a method to make better employment of restricted real estate.

On a related note, IKEA is joining hands with UNYQ (medical wearables firm) to launch a series of gaming accessibility devices. UNYQ sells and designs accessibility aids, with the help of 3D printing to make personalized support braces and prosthetic limbs for people with conditions such as scoliosis. It designed a way of scanning an individual’s body to make 3D printed devices that fit them perfectly.

IKEA has taken motivation from this method for its series of gaming devices, dubbed as UPPKOPPLA. The prototype devices were shown in Sweden at the firm’s annual design conference, along with an app which calculates biometric data.

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