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Alexa’s New Feature More Inclined Towards User Privacy

The users of Alexa can make the assistant forget things that it has heard. The new feature of Amazon could help individuals worried about the smart speaker picking up lot of information.

From Wednesday onwards, people can ask Alexa to delete everything they had said on a particular day. Alexa users can now order the voice-controlled assistant to forget what it’s heard. They can ask gadgets enabled with Alexa to wipe off all the voice recordings from midnight until that day or till that moment. In a few weeks, people could ask Alexa to delete what they just said and Alexa will erase all the voice recordings of their recent request.

These commands are a part of wider push towards privacy. Amazon has announced an Echo Show 5 device with smart screen worth $90 that includes a cover for its camera that is front-facing. These moves that are privacy focused are being taken as the legislators, privacy advocates of consumers and consumers are all becoming wary of the gadgets that are Alexa enabled.

Earlier in May, 19 advocates of public and consumer health and few US senators had persuaded Federal Trade Commission to look into the matter whether Amazon’s Echo Dot edition of Kids was violating the Act for protection of Online Privacy of Children. They had alleged that the Act does not follow the parental consent required by the law and that it lets the parents to delete their children’s information adequately.

Bloomberg had reported in April that Amazon workers listen to the audio clips for helping Amazon improve Alexa’s comprehension of the speech. The retailer wants people to be comfortable placing the gadgets that are Alexa enabled all over their house.

For Echo Show 5, the marketing image shows the device being kept on the bedside table near the family photo and jewelry. According to Canalys data, Amazon has become the leader in the market of smart speaker that is fast growing.

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