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Three Out Of Every Four Google Duplex Calls Are Handled By Virtual Assistant

In a recent case study conducted by The New York Times, it was revealed that around 15 per cent of the Google Duplex calls ended up with humans handling it instead of the AI. At Google I/O last year, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Duplex, a remarkable breakthrough in the world of Artificial Intelligence that could make calls on your behalf to get done with a hotel booking and other such stuff.

The New York Times conducted several test calls, wherein the AI powered virtual assistant was tested for different scenarios. The results showed that one out of every four calls, despite being started by the Virtual Assistant, were handed over to the human executive. Despite that, the report stated an impressive overall performance from Duplex. One of the test calls asked the assistant to get a booking done in a Korean Restaurant and the manager was instructed to act confused to make the assistant fumble. Assistant came up with an impressive showing and very efficiently ended up getting the booking done. It was stated at the very start itself that humans will remain available as backup when the Assistant fumbles. The VR hands over the call to human only when it is not sure whether the restaurant takes reservations.

On similar terms, at this year’s Google I/O, the next stage of Duplex is expected to be unleashed, the Duplex for Web. This will let you fill out online forms using a single voice command or a single click and will also enable you to book a ride for yourself using one single command. Despite the advancement, Google wants to ensure human involvement initially and reduce this dependence only gradually. Just like Google Duplex, the Duplex for Web is also expected to be active initially across a few states of America only.

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