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Musk States Tesla Will Have 1 Million Robotaxis On Roads In Next Year

Recently, Elon Musk—Tesla’s CEO—stated that the company will have robotaxis on road in 2020. During the Tesla Autonomy Investor Day in California, Musk said, “I feel very positive about predicting independent robotaxis for Tesla in the next year. They would not be in all commands, as we would not have authoritarian approval everywhere, but I am convinced we will have as a minimum regulatory approval somewhere, exactly in the next year.” Musk based his sanguinity on the amount of information his company is able to collect from Tesla vehicles presently on the road, which it then uses to advance its software.

All Tesla cars being manufactured today have the hardware on board that is needed for full self-driving, Musk stated, promising that, “All you require to do is advance the software.” Musk also forecasted that in 2 Years, Tesla would be manufacturing cars with no pedals or steering wheels. While the CEO reiterated that Tesla would have more than 1 Million robotaxis on the road in 2020 and he anticipates being “managing robotaxis with no one in them,” he did also caution financiers, “At times I am not on time, but finally I get it done.”

Recently, Tesla was in news for investigating following a car seemed to explode in China. A short video of supervision footage showed white smoke coming from a white Tesla car parked in a lot in Shanghai. Soon later the electric vehicle burst into flames. Tesla spokesperson told CNN Business, “We straight away sent a squad on-site and we are supporting local officials to institute the facts. No one was harmed in this incident.” The video clip has attracted a mix of outrage and derision on social media. “Jeopardizing our security in a moment and the reality that it ignited so quickly is something we would not tolerate,” Weibo user Miao Hongyang stated.

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