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Like Alexa, Facebook Is Working To Launch Its Own Assistant

Generally, the social networking giant, Facebook remains completely focused on its app development and data privacy approach. But gradually, the company is stepping towards the development of its hardware devices too. Recently, a report was published by CNBC, which reveals that the company is trying to generate its own AI voice assistant, similar to iPhones’ Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. Later, the same statement was given by a Facebook representative.

According to several people aware of this matter, Facebook AI voice assistant project began since early 2018, CNBC mentioned. This initiative is directed by Ira Synder, listed himself as “Director, AR/VR and Facebook Assistant at Facebook” on LinkedIn profile. The company has been chasing retailers by launching its smart-speakers, proposing that the speakers and Portals may be just the beginning of the chain of smart devices that the company will launch in the market in the upcoming years.

Facebook reverted by releasing a statement to The Verge, Reuters, and others. The statement illustrates that the social networking service provider is completely focused to incorporate voice and AI technologies that may support its several AR/VR devices such as Oculus, Portal, and upcoming products. At present, the AI-powered Portal device released by Facebook supports Amazon Alexa.

Facebook has already conducted trials by introducing AI-powered chat-based virtual assistant within its messaging service. But the recent developmental project seems to be majorly targeting on interfaces for hardware devices, currently include Oculus Rift VR headset and Portal.

Several investigating agencies are being concerned after Facebook disclosed that it has been working over its upcoming AI project. There could be a potential risk for information breach, as the installed devices may be continuously keeping an ear over the family matters and discussions.

Facebook is not assuming to compete with already established and highly developed Google Assistant and Alexa by introducing its upcoming AI voice assistant. But in the past several years, it has not been able to maintain the customers’ privacy efficiently, which could be a major concern.

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