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Huawei Claims 5G Smartphone Launch For Half The Price Of Rivals’ Headsets

Chinese leading smartphone maker, Huawei claims that it will launch an affordable range of 5G smartphones. The company expects that the cost of its 5G smartphones would be half the value set by its competitors.

In a formal conversation held with the Financial Times last week, Peter Zhou, CMO of wireless marketing at the corporation, told that Huawei plans to release its 5G phones this year for $600. He is even expecting this price would further drop in the next year.

Through low-cost offerings, Huawei will possibly dominate the 5G smartphone market. Based on some rumors, the 5G smartphones to be launched by the global key contenders would cost double the price of what Huawei is planning to set. The global leading smartphone maker, Samsung is going to launch its Galaxy S10 5G at an expected price of more than $1,200. Apple seems to be lagging behind in the 5G battle, as it has not yet revealed regarding the 5G smartphone launch as well as estimated price. Most probably, Apple will release its 5G handset between the year 2020 and 2021.

In the past few years, Huawei grew with a rapid pace and became the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer at the global level, by surpassing Apple. Now, the Chinese tech giant is keeping an eye over the title of the global smartphone leader, currently acquired by Samsung.

Despite being banned by the major markets such as the US, Australia, and Canada, due to national security concerns; Huawei has managed to reach this height.

The U.S. has strictly prohibited the usage of Huawei manufactured products and services at its state agencies,

The US has banned the use of Huawei products and services at its federal agencies, considering that the Chinese technology giant could possibly serve the purpose of surveillance managed by the Chinese government against the U.S.

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