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Apple To Release 5G iPhones In 2020 Having Chips From Samsung, Qualcomm

Apple might launch iPhones in 2020 equipped with 5G modems, as per to the research notes from Ming-Chi Kuo, Analyst at TF International Securities. The modems can be provided by Samsung and Qualcomm, according to the research. The access to 5G modem parts is one main reason why Apple advanced a bitter lawful battle with Qualcomm in the last week. A 5G-outfitted iPhone with a faster and more dependable cellular internet connection can give customers a motive to improve from older models as the growth of iPhone sales stalls. Usually, Apple launches new iPhone models in September; due to this, the 5G iPhone will not be launched until September 2020. The iPhones launched in September 2019 will most probably support latest-generation LTE networks instead.

Kuo stated that we anticipate Apple would possibly adopt 5G baseband chips from Samsung (focus on Sub-6GHz markets) and Qualcomm (focus on mmWave markets) for reducing supply risk, lowering costs and having advanced bargaining power. Kuo asserted that the beginning of a 5G iPhone can spur a wave of purchases and upgrades, particularly for high-end models. He further added, “We are optimistic on the high-end iPhone models’ substitute demand in the second half of 2020, due to the 5G iPhone. We anticipate the total iPhone shipment would correspondingly attain 188–192 Million in 2019 and 195–200 Million units in 2020.

Recently, Apple was in news as it spends over $30 Million every month on Amazon’s cloud, making it one of the largest AWS (Amazon Web Services) customers. As Amazon and Apple contest for a greater share of customer attention and dollars, they also have a predominantly intimate business association. According to sources familiar with the situation, Apple is spending over $30 Million every month on Amazon’s cloud.

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