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NASA Astronauts Need To Travel Using Russian Rockets For One More Year

After the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011, Russia was getting paid form NASA for helping the agency for traveling to the International Space Station (ISS). The space agency hoped that this dependency would at last end in 2019. However, with its latest lineup of flights and launch dates disclosed last week, NASA admitted that they are not quite done requiring Russia’s Soyuz rockets yet.

NASA is supposed to be reliant on Russia for the upcoming round of space station tours. Thanks to setbacks in the commercial launches by Boeing and SpaceX. Both the firms were paid by NASA with billions to transport its teams to ISS. Now, NASA is settling on longer missions for their astronauts, who are supposed to continue hitching trips on Soyuz rockets. Essentially, the latest long-period crew roster and launch dates for the upcoming year do not list any flights on commercial launches.

On a similar note, Ruselectronics, a part of Rostec, came into the news as it disclosed that it has produced space-based radar equipment. The Rostec press office reported this week that the latest equipment is intended for the use of the European Space Agency (ESA).

In a statement, the press office proclaimed that Ruselectronics has created a format of fast-acting switches with the control driver for the ESA. The statement added that the equipment is proposed for its employment on space-based radars in the near-Earth orbit. The reports highlight that the device is almost twice as economical as its foreign competitors and includes better technical parameters. Particularly, the device’s overall loss does not surpass 0.3dB. Similarly, the device has smaller weight and dimensions than its overseas analogs. The Russian hi-tech company was developing the device with the capability to switch to the signal’s receipt or transmission at the request of the ESA’s Italian provider, the press office said.

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