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Disordered Buoyancy In Earth’s Core Can Be The Reason Behind Geomagnetic Jerks

Extremely hazardous effects of highly energized beam released by the sun and cosmic rays on humans are prevented due to the shield created by the Earth’s magnetic field. The shield doesn’t allow the harmful matter to enter the Earth’s surface. However, in the duration of around every 10 Years, a sudden variation in the strength of the magnetic field has been identified, known as a geomagnetic jerk.

The sudden lurch in the field intensity usually does not extend for more than a few years and possibly modify the Earth’s magnetism over specific regions at a time. The first jerk of this kind was observed in Western European regions in the Year 1969. Since then, in a gap of around 10 Years, a new jerk has been observed at random regions in the world. Researchers are still unaware of the actual cause of these jerks.

Several geomagnetic phenomena, such as aurora occurs due to the collision between the electrified solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere. The jerks are considered to generate from the core of the planet, which generates the magnetic field continuously by the constant churning of liquefied iron. But the actual mechanism behind this is still not clear.

Recently, researchers have developed a computer-based simulated model revealing the activities occurring inside the Earth’s core. The study is published this week only in the journal Nature Geoscience. Based on the study findings, the possible way by which jerks are generated due to the release of a buoyant splash of molten matter from the central region of the core.

The newly constructed model developed by the researchers meticulously analyze and demonstrate the physical conditions of Earth’s core surface, and shows the evolutionary modifications that have possibly been occurred over the past several decades.

Another study associated with the Earth’s core revealed that the sudden variations in the flow of core could negligibly slowdown the rotational speed of the Earth.

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