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Coca-Cola’s Sugar-Free Drinks Are Strongly Influencing Business Globally

During the first quarter of the Year 2019, the sales of Coco-Cola products, including its soft drinks, water, and Zero Sugar beverages, were up. Thus, the company surpassed the expected figures of revenue and earnings, which led to the soar in its shares by 3%.

Coca-Cola CEO, James Quincey stated, “We are following well-organized strategical approach to improving our business performance, owing to which the Q1 earning results are quite inspiring.

The shares of the beverage producer for the first quarter of the recent fiscal year reached to 39 cents, with the net income of $1.68 Billion compared to its share value in Q1 of the previous fiscal year that was 32 cents and the net profit acquired was $1.33 Billion.

In the recently ended quarter, Coca-Cola succeeded to cross the expected share value of 46 cents set by the analysts. During the quarter end, the company was trading at 48 cents per share.

Asia and Europe are the two key markets that helped the beverage manufacturer to estimate the sales earnings efficiently, as there was no impact of price and currency variations over the markets.

This time again, Coca-Cola was not satisfied again with Argentina’s market performance. The sales in the region declined by double digits as the recession continued to strike in the current year. Though the unit case volume of the company in the North American region was declined by 1%, net sales for the region were up by 1%.

Unit case volume for its sparkling soft drinks was also grown by 1%. The brand is expected to hold the market more tightly with the entrance of Zero Sugar drink in its products family. The product has been performing well in the market from the last six quarters consecutively. In 2019, the company introduced a new flavored item for the first time: Orange Vanilla.

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