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Cloud Business By Apple Is Hugely Relied On Amazon

The future for Apple beyond the iPhone more and more comprises software services, varying from iCloud and Apple Music to its News Plus magazine subscription and its new TV Plus video service. Yet a huge factor in assisting those cloud-supported services work all over its almost 1.5 Billion active gadgets at the same time is the firm’s current contract with Amazon, particularly cloud computing department by Amazon. As per media, Apple is one of biggest customers of Amazon Web Services, with monthly transactions to the cloud department summing over $30 Million and progressing.

Now, media reports that Apple has not publicly claimed that it depends on AWS for more than iCloud. But even yet, an spending of over $360 Million yearly indicates that Apple is deeply dependent on AWS to control core portions of its business, although doing so means operating with a soon-to-be-competitor in online video and a present rival in regions such as streaming music, artificial intelligence, and smart home products.

Apple is far from the only firm to control parts of its cloud on servers of Amazon. A number of huge tech firms that have filed to go public this year have disclosed financial papers that they pay Amazon millions each year. That comprises both Pinterest and Lyft.

On a related note, Apple is aiming to combine its Find my Friends and Find my iPhone services into a sole app, media claims. The service will be capable of tracking an extended series of devices, due to a new hardware device that will vie with the likes of Tile and will supposedly be launched for both macOS and iOS as a Marzipan-based app.

The new service will supposedly be capable of tracking your devices even when they are not linked to the Internet by either cellular or Wi-Fi, but it will otherwise sport many of the present functions of the Find my iPhone application.

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